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In my approach to psychotherapy and counselling I emphasize the importance of developing self-knowledge as a way to bring about personal growth and psychological healing.  Your ability to learn about and understand yourself in the context of the relational and physical world within which you live is enhanced with the help of a therapist who is trained to see, hear, and relate in particular ways.  Psychotherapy is a long-term process of psychological integration, intended to create lasting change.  Counselling is short term and intended to clarify problems and identify possible solutions.

My practice includes work with adult men and women presenting with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, personality problems, anger, family of origin issues, abuse and trauma, addictions, grief, existential and major life transition issues, career and workplace issues, conflicts with the law...and more

Psychotherapy or counselling may help if you are:
  • depressed
  • anxious
  • unable to control anger or impulses
  • grieving
  • self-destructive
  • abusing or dependent upon alcohol or drugs
  • underachieving
  • unable to enjoy your successes
  • "too nice"
If you have:
  • problems in relationships
  • post traumatic, acute traumatic, or work-related stress
  • personality or behaviour problems
  • distorted sense of self-esteem
  • unresolved family of origin issues
  • sleeping problems*
  • eating problems*
  • irritable bowel*
  • sexual dysfunction*
    *if no medical reasons have been found
If you need help with:
  • parenting
  • major life transitions
  • sexual orientation issues
  • problems with sexuality
  • women's issues
If you are:
  • searching for meaning in life
  • seeking insight
  • exploring your spirituality